Some people can be put off by the price-tag on an electric scooter - but should they really be? 

Our team are convinced that their electric rides are actually saving them loads of money every month - so we've decided put it to the test and calculate exactly how long it takes the average person to scoot their way back into the green.

Our Calculation

  • The average 18 - 55 year old UK citizen takes approximately 40 short journey per month. The average cost of a small journey (5km or less) on either public transport or by car is £1.75. Therefore on average people spend £70/month on travel.
  • The average cost of an electric scooter at £375 
  • If all short journeys were now taken by electric scooter, it would take 5 and a half months to have made back the cost of your electric scooter. If even half were replaced the initial cost would be recouped in within the first year!


(Scooter Cost - £375) / (Monthly Saving - £70)5.4 months

So there we have it - Your electric scooter will have paid for itself in the first 5-6 months of ownership!
From there on it's only an asset for you to enjoy in your every day life.

We hope this calculation has helped - try not to be too smug now :)